Oct 29, 2008

Let's Hope the October Madness is Over

Curly and Cute SassyDLite banner ad
When we moved in September I didn't think life could get busier, but it did and I've been woefully negligent about maintaining my blogs. The other night it occurred to me that instead of emailing a request for info on gems, I could just post the information on a blog and kill two birds with one stone. So I published a new feature on http://gahooletreedesigns.blogspot.com/ dealing with studio overstock of emeralds that I currently have available for purchase. Sales of gemstone beads and supplies at Gahooletree Supplies has been very strong.

Here at SassyDLite, I am very pleased to finally be back at work. It's been a long haul as I'm slowly getting over my respiratory infections (with the help of Ester C, echinacea, quercetin and goldenseal - oh and plenty of rest). During October I got crazy busy creating free bonuses to stimulate sales at SassyDLite. This tactic has made a positive impact on sales.

Yesterday, I created the above banner ad for use over at Lov.li where my activity and dedication has been noticably absent. My shop on Lov.li is http://gahooletree.lov.li/ and if you are a Lov.li member, please make me (gahooletree) a friend there okay? :) I'll do the same for you!

The Cute 'n Curly SassyDLite banner ad above is 500 x 500 pixels so it uploads quickly and I'll use it as a secondary picture image to alert shoppers to visit one of my 'real' online shops. I'll make you one of these graphics for $5.50. Just send the pic files that you want included.

Here's the new store banner for sassydlite:

Colorful Store Banner for SassyDLite on etsy
Someone remarked that this new graphic gives the store a bright fresh facelift. I hope so! And I will try to make time to create more appropriate store banners for my other online shops. Contact me if you are interested in my graphics design services.

'till next time,
~Anna Lee

Oct 18, 2008

added newest member stores and blog urls to team blog: http://ping.fm/jQ1Qm

etsy listings feed to Google Base

I managed to successfully upload my listings for all three of my etsy stores into Google Base tonight. There's a very informative thread in etsy Forums:


Just follow their step by step instructions. They have an entire blog about it:

Use the www.letset.com google base formatter and download your bulk feed XML file.

You'll need a google login, but beyond that registering your feed file with google base and uploading the file aren't difficult or time consuming at all. If you get a "failed" message, read the info listed beside the error for hints and tips and try to correct the problem, before uploading again.

But if you've set up your Google Base account properly, this system works well. Remember to renew these items each month as they will expire in 31 days!

Hopefully now I'll be able to find my listings in http://www.oodle.com!!!

Oct 10, 2008

S and T Creations - Beautiful Handmade Artisan Jewelry

The delicious jewelry delights of S and T Creations

When style and flair combine with quality and value everyone wins. That's why it's such a pleasure to feature the unique jewelry creations of S and T Creations, a developing jewelry design company located in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Visit www.SandTCreations.etsy.com!The prolific artistic team of Saundra and Teri of S and T Creations is always busy churning out a seemingly endless array of attractive yet affordable jewelry designs.

Check out the complete S and T collection of colorful, whimsical and contemporary styles that will definitely get you noticed. Order online now and receive free domestic shipping or a handmade collectable bonus gift!

And this design and marketing duo is now making many of their unique and fresh creations available to a wide audience through their new online boutique http://www.sandtcreations.etsy.com/.

The wise value conscious fashionista takes a structured approach to formulating her unique personal fashion style and statement. And the other day I found timely help with regard to this ongoing task in the form of an informative blog feature presented by Saundra of S and T Creations.

Reading Saundra's article I was reminded how challenging looking and feeling like a million dollars gets in dismal economic times such as these. Even if inflation soars and our fashion budget shrinks, we gals still need our secret sources of great fashion finds. Enter S and T Creations...

At S and T you'll find retro, classic, formal and funky so grab a few things to stretch your wardrobe. S and T Creations also has something for everyone on your holiday gift giving list. No matter what your budget or purpose, you'll find fab jewelry accessories available from this team.

For more information about what's new in the world of S and T Creations, please visit their web log.