Jun 25, 2009

Glass Menagerie Cupola Blossoms

Apple Blossom Locket Necklace

Inspired by the lovely blossoms that are at last putting on an awesome display of beauty here in Southern Ontario, I'm pleased to announce a handful of limited creations along the "Glass Menagerie Cupola Blossoms" theme.

Shown here is Coral Bells, a whimsical floral earring composed of copper earwires, base metal, austrian crystals and pretty Czech glass.

Coral Bells
My ArtFire studio is located at:

WildBerry Buds Glass Menagerie earrings
If you're a lover of handmade jewelry, please stop by my ArtFire shop and tell me what you'd like to see added. What colours? what gems? what theme? materials? or components?. We carry a vast array of materials and we'd love to hear your feedback or if possible, present info & pricing on custom creations.

Trumpet Blossom Glass Menagerie earrings

Some of these earrings are shown with sterling silver earwires. Some however, are the modern base metals and patinas.

But because I cannot wear base metal earwires (they irritate my skin considerably) all our base metal earwires may be swapped for sterling at NO upcharge!

Vintage MetalWorx Aqua Crystal Handmade Earrings

Glass Menagerie Cupola Blossoms - Antique Copper Cutwork

Glass Menagerie Cupola Blossoms pieces are part of my new Vintage Metalworx line - a stunning spring/summer collection with all the value and precision craftsmanship that you've come to expect from Oracle Gem Designs.

Sterling Blossom Necklace