Nov 27, 2008

A Productive Day

one of my donations to the eSMArts team shop - Black Spinel Stunning Simplicity

What an inspired day I've had. David got my flexshaft to work. There must be two moons in the sky. I've been without my flexshaft for months. But we're back in business, buffing, cutting, grinding, drilling and thank goodness I have cup burr capability again.

So I made a few dozen new earwires including a couple of new versions that I've never made before. I'm not certain this newfound creativity is due to any kind of inspiration on my part - more likely that I just can't find my wigjig pattern templates (and I'm too tired and lazy to look for them) so this was a day for innovation. I just can't say enough good things about my Wigjig Olympus! Everything I try to make with the Olympus turns out perfectly.

I just posted these sultry black spinel etruscan inspired handmade chandelier earrings in our new team shop: This handforged design was created by the lovely Jeanette Blix Ryan and was featured in the Fall 2008 Edition of "Step By Step Wire Jewelry". Jeanette has at least one shop on etsy. This is my version of Jeanette's original design. I've created this earring in many iterations using virtually every gemstone. What a delightfully pretty, lightweight and comfortable chandelier this is!

eSMArts logo - etsy Social Marketing Artisans

Yes, remarkably eSMArts team now has its own team shop with proceeds from all sales going to worthy causes. It's so nice to see that several of our team members have already donated beautiful handmade artwork to this team shop initiative. Please take a moment to browse our current items for sale.

Thank you again to Van Stewart Bevil the gifted oil artist behind CoastalArtist on etsy: for providing eSMArts team with awesome artwork for our avatar and team logo. I created our team shop banner and Lois of volunteered to disperse team shop funds. I want to publicly thank Joyce Bevil of Hobnobbins on etsy: for financing our first donation by furnishing one of our team members with a brand new laptop when hers was stolen.

Preparations for my upcoming showing at Thorntonview residence (186 Thornton Road South Oshawa) this Saturday December 29th from 1-4pm are proceeding nicely. If all goes well I will actually be ready for this showing. The pandora bracelets arrived today from Hong Kong along with many of the findings and lampwork beads that I've been awaiting so I'll have a few of those to display this weekend.

To top things off I just read the great comments left on Amy's latest post. Why is it that my airedale terrier gets more comments on her blog than I get on all of my business related blogs put together? Life just isn't fair! Who was it that said never try to compete with kids or pets? Was it W.C. Fields? :)

Nov 7, 2008

Fantasy Dragonfly

I just listed these Turquoise Fantasy Dragonfly Earrings in my SassyDLite online store. Perhaps I'm going through a second childhood. If you're familiar with my gahooletree shop, you'll know that this type of jewelry isn't exactly what I'm known for! But when my daughter saw these earrings she fell in love with them -- and now Kate wants to get her ears re-pierced! That might sound reasonable to most, but our Kate is disabled and she'll have major difficulty dealing with any infections. But I digress. Anyhow, who am I to deny my 27 year old this tiny indulgence?

Dragonflies are so popular right now. I spent an hour yesterday trying to see what types of dragonfly earrings are available for sale online. Although dragonfly jewelry can be found in abundance, I couldn't find anything like my Turquoise Fantasy Dragonfly earring shown above for beauty, quality or value pricing. I'll be listing a complete line of these darlings - each earring pair will be unique and inspired by genuine gemstones.

Someone mentioned being a fan of dragonflies just a few days ago, but I simply cannot remember who it was. You see, to be honest, I ordered these adorable brass wings from Hong Kong by mistake. I meant to order angel wings for use in Christmas earrings. Anyhow, if you're a dragonfly fan and would like to get some of these awesome and fairly unique accents, please email me. I'll set up a custom etsy listing for you on my supplies shop: Would 24 units for $1.99 be reasonable? The matching brass beads (dragonfly tail) are so cool too. I have plenty of those as well if anyone is interested. :)

'till next time,
~Anna Lee H.

Nov 4, 2008


Credit Crunch Special Free Bonus with every order at SassyDLite

On this historical day, I hope all my American friends made time to vote. Anyhow, this is just a brief post about the CREDIT CRUNCH SPECIAL that is currently running at SassyDLite. Get yours while they last...

Our bonuses are versatile gemstone jewelry staples like the smokey quartz and jasper earrings shown above.

New Boro Chandelier

Check out all the new vintage inspired modern additions to our SassyDLite collection. For most items we can create complementary or matching pieces.

I'm offering to ship a quality gemstone jewelry bonus to the lucky recipient of these new boro bead chandelier earrings that I just listed. These unique earrings feature the beautiful borosilicate creations of Dan Echeverry of BDBD.

I'm adding new items to this shop every day, like the pastel chalcedony lariat with Stunning Rose Quartz accents shown here:

pastel chalcedony lariatThe pastel chalcedony lariat is a fine example of SassyDLite's gemstone creations. We just cannot offer more carats of fine quality chalcedony (oodles) or more expensive and stunning gem quality rose quartz at these prices.

Tulip Cube Boro Bead Earrings

I'll also offer the buyer of these unique

Tulip Cube Boro Bead Dangles a quality gemstone jewelry bonus.

I donated these unique boro bead dangle earrings to our eSMArts Team Shop that supports worthy causes.

So if you purchase these cute earrings, you'll not only be helping someone in need, but you'll be rewarded by me with an extra special bonus!!!

And at SassyDLite we have lots more fun and flirty designs that feature exquisite gemstones and quality workmanship to stand the test of time. Check us out!
'till next time...
~Anna Lee