Feb 24, 2010


Feb 18, 2010

Our OWOH Winner...

okay so the entries have been tallied and I'm a bit late with this... but our winner is:

Darcey of 365 Days of Discovery and Barefoot & Breathless! 

Check out Darcey's INTERESTING and WELL WRITTEN blogs:
365 Days of Discovery

Barefoot and Breathless

On the above e-logs, Darcey explains the ins and outs behind some of her creative pursuits. This artist appears to execute everything she does with notable precision. I'm still trying to find out if Darcey operates any online shops. If she does, I'll post a follow up article about what she offers for sale online!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment.  I especially wish to thank all of my new followers for joining this blog network.  As promised, I am now following your blogs too :)