Dec 17, 2013

Genuine Gemstone Catholic Rosary Collection Handmade in Toronto

AbbeyForge provides genuine gemstone Catholic Rosary and Rosary Chaplet Bracelets in every theme, colorway and gemstone.  AbbeyForge's new Rosary stramds department currently offers many Catholic Prayer Bead selections available right now for secure online purchase!

Note that all of my designs (even the "Sold Out" listings) are still available in one form or another so just email me or send a note via our contact form to get your order initiated.  Most AbbeyForge prayer bead designs are easily modified to suit your theme, gemstone &/or colorway too.  And many modifications to existing rosary items can be completed within 2-3 business days so just ask :)  Here are some examples of my work.

Jade Catholic Rosary Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Roses by AbbeyForgevisit today!

Amethyst Jade Catholic Rosary with Pewter Celtic Cross and St.Patrick Centerpiece by AbbeyForge $89.00 USD

Above: Amethyst Jade Catholic Rosary with Pewter Celtic Cross and Pewter St.Patrick Center. February Birthday 083113A $89.00 

The above
Long Black Agate Rosary with large black enamel inlay cross has been a popular mens/unisex fashion necklace for 2013.  Your rosary creation can be expanded to properly fit guys 6' 6" tall so just let me know your requirements.

Mens Howlite Long Rosary Necklace 50 Inches White Turquoise with Abundance Crucifix and Alpha Omega Center $59.00 

Dec 16, 2013

Garnet Rough Nugget Natural Gemstone Choker with Sapphires by AbbeyForge

Garnet Rough Nugget Natural Gemstone Choker with by AbbeyForge:
Unique specimens of Garnet surrounded by stunning sapphires: this modern choker makes a great mens/unisex January birthstone gift for that special someone who's always hard to please!

Rough Garnet Nugget and Sapphire Choker

Garnet Rough Nugget Natural Gemstone Choker with Yellow Sapphire, Orange Sapphire and Padparadscha Sapphire

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Oct 31, 2013

Divine Druid Titanium Blue Quartz Crystal Wand Copper Necklace

Divine Druid Titanium Blue Quartz Crystal Wand by AbbeyForge

Divine Druid is a wonderful titanium blue quartz crystal wand necklace with plenty of solid copper content measuring about 40 inches around the neck with another 5 inches of gemstone cascade beneath the Y-connection. Truly a cool conversation piece!


Visit AbbeyForge for more unique genuine gemstone talisman creations, premium Catholic Rosary designs, birthstone jewelry and healing crystal mens/unisex chokers.

Feb 11, 2013

Abbey Forge Rosary Shop Announcement

Announcing a new name:  my rosary shop is now called Abbey Forge!  Today I'll be putting the finishing touches on a long mens rosary made of black agate Ave/Hail Mary beads similar to the one shown here.  The Pater/Our Father beads will again be these stunning faceted sardonyx specimens and of course I'll attach a free medal.  The customer specified that he wished me to include the free  miraculous medal.

Please note: If you click the above picture you'll be taken to a page which might say "Sold Out" but don't worry ... This Black Agate St. Benedict Catholic Rosary is always in stock!  It's always ready to ship in 2-3 business days or less.  Email me or use the contact form to begin the order process.  There's dozens of possible customizations too: for example you may add chain separators, swap Sardonyx gems for metal Pater stations, add a different theme centerpiece, etc.  Most popular has been the St. Benedict Jubilee coin-shaped St. Benedict center with the black enamel inlay cross shown above.

The final product will include a St. Benedict jubilee center and St. Benedict cross (the same one depicted here).  This is a monumentous day in the lives of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide who just learned hours ago that Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down due to health concerns.  So it is interesting that I am working on a St. Benedict Rosary today!  

Catholic Rosary Mens Unisex 32 plus 7 Inches Long by AbbeyForge

I created my first catholic rosary only a few years ago and I did so merely as a favour to a close friend whose ailing mother had been asking for a unique set of gemstone prayer beads.  Today the rosary business part of Gahooletree Jewelry is growing by leaps and bounds.  My AbbeyForge boutique now houses a growing collection of rosary items!  Please check back often or of course, contact me for custom rosary work.