May 24, 2017

Memorial Day Gifts - Get FREE SHIPPING!

Memorial Day Gifts: Military/Patriotic Medal Jewelry by AbbeyForge Use Coupon Code 'memorial' and get FREE SHIPPING

Need a Memorial Day gift?  Get free Shipping on all US Military jewelry and all AbbeyForge Patriotic jewelry (enter coupon code 'memorial' at checkout). Discount applies to all AbbeyForge United States ArmyUS Armed ForcesUS Navy, United States Marine CorpsUS MarinesUnited States Air ForceUS Air ForceUS Coast Guard and Proud to be American designs.  

AbbeyForge dogtag style necklaces feature tough and comfy stainless steel ball chain.  Shown are Black/white Obsidian gemstone and the awesome Camouflage stone tablets.  Contact us for free personalisation (example: add a birthstone charm or swap the gemstone stone). 

Enter coupon code memorial before checkout.
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